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Monday, 3 September 2012

MA animation Project

This is the trailer for my short animated film, entitled Three Weeks in December and its about my family, my town and my culture, during a special time. This project was developed for the Masters Studies in animation, at the AUCB. It is dedicated to my grandfather.
FX composer: Dave Cubitt, Maria Rosa Figueiredo and Nádia Cardoso.
Sound design: Gwendolen McNamara Sena.

The film is an experimental animation 'short' in the form of an animated diary about my Christmas vacations in Portugal, using the sound recordings and sketches made at that time.

It is a personal story that emphasises the family bonds. Using my sketchbook drawings as a reference and my family as the subject, this film follows a diaristic format, showing several situations and events that are part of my routine in Belmonte
My research evolved around documenting personal stories, diary and autobiography, memory and trauma.

Here are some stills from the movie:


MA Website

I have finally completed my MA in Animation. Please check the Official MA Website (designed by Christina Button) here:

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